About SEO Services Los Angeles

SEO Services Los Angeles is a proven team of SEO professionals, internet marketers, developers and designers. Our SEO team has a collective 13 years of search engine optimization experience and has ranked hundreds of websites across different niches on a national and local scale.

Our core competency is serving small and medium sized businesses. We look for long-term clients with exceptional products and/or services. We specialize in dominating local search terms, optimizing Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, and building websites that make you the most money while staying true to your brand. By combining an effective website with a winning SEO & PPC strategy, we have consistently helped businesses make a positive Return on Investment (ROI) on their internet marketing budgets. We concentrate on your bottom line, while mitigating your risk as much as possible in the volatile online space.

Why SEO Services Los Angeles?

  1. More Targeted Website Traffic

    Recent studies show that more than 85% of people looking for a product or service go online to research. Search engines have become the primary tool for people to find the local or national services they need. More than 70% of Americans have purchased a product online and those numbers are still growing. Gone are the days of utilizing the Yellow Pages and direct mail.

    It's common for a large majority of our clients' sales to come from online referrals. You can't accomplish this without an SEO optimized website and in most cases a PPC campaign. In order to increase your traffic, your business website must appear in the top 3 positions of what are known as Google organic listings. Studies show that the top 3 listings in a Google organic listings account for nearly 80% of all clicks when an online search is performed.

    While running ads in Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are continuously increasing in price, it's still an essential piece of every internet marketing campaign. PPC accounts for 25-30% of all clicks according to recent studies. If you aren't participating in PPC, your competitors are and you're missing targeted traffic. Tests conducted by SEO Services Los Angeles have concluded that a combined SEO & PPC strategy results in up to 20% more traffic than solely using SEO alone.

    Google+ Local, formerly Google Places, is now an essential piece for garnering traffic to businesses that offer a local services and/or products. Google is giving high priority to Google+ Local listings, and a little known fact is that these listings alone often dominate page 1 of search results. Not to mention Bing Local & Yahoo Local. These profiles can significantly increase your targeted traffic, which can lead to more sales. This means that if you aren't displaying in search engines, you are losing business to a competitor.

  2. More Qualified Leads

    SEO & PPC are vital to marketing campaigns, because these methods can send targeted traffic to your website. Your website needs to convert the traffic to calls, emails, or product sales. This is called generating leads from the traffic. However, you wouldn't want just any old lead, you'd want a qualified lead that has a high likelihood of converting into a sale. We have years of experience developing websites that enhance brand image and convert visitors. If you skip the critical step of creating a website that converts visitors then you are bound to fail.

    An integral piece of the sales process is managing customer inquiries (calls/emails). When you hire SEO Services Los Angeles, you are not hiring the typical SEO company. We have driven online marketing strategies for worldwide brands and managed all facets of the sales process. First we will help you create a strategy, and then we will help you drive it forward.

    We will address every phase of the sales process to ensure that you are positioned to have the best possible chance of increasing your sales. Lead generation and management can make or break a successful online marketing strategy.

  3. More Sales

    The equation is simple, and most internet marketers know it. More Targeted Traffic = More Qualified Leads = More Sales. So then, why isn't every business employing this strategy and dominating their market? Because, it's not easy, and there are only a handful of people and companies that can successfully execute. Only one company can rank #1 in Google for a keyword search term(s). Only one company can be the market share leader and secure 60%+ of all traffic for a keyword search term(s). We are proven to be highly effective at ranking in organic search listings. We outrank our SEO competitors in Los Angeles for the most targeted search traffic. If you rank, you get more qualified traffic. SEO Services Los Angeles can rank your website.

    If it's still a question as to whether you should do SEO & PPC, you are probably on the wrong website. It should be crystal clear to every business owner that online marketing is the foundation of virtually every consumer based business today. This is evident in the fact that all of our current full-service SEO clients make a positive return on investment (ROI). This simply wouldn't be possible unless the websites we develop and/or update convert leads to calls, emails and eventually sales.

What Makes Us Different?

SEO Services Los Angeles will never have more than fifteen clients at one time. We made this pledge upon starting this business knowing that growing too large means less personalized service to our clients. This pledge allows us to concentrate all our effort and energy into providing better service than our competitors. This is evident in our track record of positive client testimonials. This is evident in our own website rankings and our client website rankings. This is evident in the positive return on investment our clients enjoy.

SEO Services LA is a one-stop-shop. We can manage all of your SEO, PPC, domain buying, hosting, website development, website design and content writing needs. We will create and drive strategy, so you can concentrate on servicing your customers. Most of our clients have previously hired 1-3 SEO companies before finding success with SEO Services Los Angeles. We have the experience, strategy and proven success - Success Stories.

Our Services

Search Engine Optimization is the foundation of every internet marketing campaign. Utilize SEO to achieve higher organic search engine rankings and drive targeted traffic to your website. Targeted traffic leads to qualified leads and more sales for your business.

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PPC can make or break an online marketing budget. If you don't have the proper PPC strategy, you will get burned and your budget will quickly dissolve. We will create a PPC strategy for you that nets quality traffic, while making the most of any budget. PPC is a close second to SEO in driving leads at low cost.

» Quality Leads

There are two main elements that must be addressed when updating or creating a new website design. 1) Conversion, 2) Branding & Image. We have the expertise to marry the two and provide you with a website that represents your premium brand, while maintaing critical conversion elements to generate leads from traffic.

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