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Low Cost SEO Package

Why Offer This Package?

Over the past six months small businesses have been calling us with the desire to use our services, but are unable to afford our Full Service SEO Plans. With this in mind we have created a low cost SEO Advertising Package with a performance guarantee that is better than any in the business today. You don’t even need a website.

You tell us the keywords you want to rank for and SEO Services Los Angeles purchases a website name and pays for hosting. You don’t pay until we rank the website in the top 5 positions in Google for your desired keywords. The keyword phrase must include a city name or county name. For example: “Carpet Cleaner Los Angeles”. The keywords phrase is highly targeted and sure to generate leads. You are guaranteed business for less than $1000/month. The best part is you don’t pay until we rank the website in the top 5 positions in Google. You have no risk, no website design costs, no long-term contracts and a virtually guaranteed return on your monthly investment.

How Does This Package Work?

  1. You provide SEO Services Los Angeles a list of target keyword(s) including the geographic area that you know will be profitable for your business. If you sell luxury cars in Santa Monica, your target keyword phrase may be, “luxury cars Santa Monica”, “luxury car dealership Santa Monica”, “Mercedes dealership Santa Monica”, “Lexus dealership Santa Monica”.
  2. SEO Services Los Angeles performs keyword research and competitive analysis to determine if a top 5 ranking can be obtained and maintained over the long-run.
  3. If SEO Services Los Angeles can achieve a top 5 ranking for these keywords, SEO Services Los Angeles will provide a time frame for achieving these rankings. Most of the time it takes between 8-12 weeks to achieve the top 5 ranking.
  4. SEO Services Los Angeles purchases domain(s), purchases hosting, builds a website and covers the cost of ranking the domain(s) purchased. SEO Services Los Angeles owns all domains and assumes all risk. You are essentially leasing the space of the website.
  5. The Client and SEO Services Los Angeles enter into an agreement for the estimated time period of the 8-12 weeks it takes to acheive the top 5 ranking. A $799 deposit is required to show that you are serious and if the top 5 ranking is achieved, the deposit will be used as payment for the first month. If a top 5 ranking is not achieved in the estimated time frame, SEO Services Los Angeles returns the $799 deposit and the agreement is dissolved.

    There is no cost to the client until SEO Services Los Angeles achieves a top 5 ranking for the agreed upon keyword phrase. Once SEO Services Los Angeles achieves a top 5 ranking for the keyword phrase, you begin paying the monthly fee. The client continues to pay only if the domain(s) maintain their top 5 ranking.

    Once the client beings paying the monthly fee, the Client has full control over the text and images on the website. The client can add additional pages, rewrite text, add banners, images and telephone numbers. The website is built in WordPress, which is easy to navigate and update. Essentially, you are paying a monthly fee to advertise your business in a top 5 ranking in Google for phrase that will generate leads for your business. If SEO Services Los Angeles does not achieve the keyword ranking within the estimated time period, you walk away with no money spent.

  6. This package is risk free and guarantees small business owners a presence in the top 5 ranking for a known profitable keyword. There is no startup cost or risk taken by the small business owner. You only pay when rankings are achieved.

Is It Right For You?

This package is right for you business if you fit the following criteria:

  1. You need a guaranteed internet presence on the first page of Google in the top 5 positions for profitable target keywords.
  2. Your target keywords (search terms you need ranking) include a geographic city, town or state. For example – “Luxury Cars Santa Monica”.
  3. You don’t want to think about SEO, pay for a domain name, hosting nor website design and don’t want a long-term contract.
  4. You want to make a guaranteed return on investment on your Internet advertising dollars and don’t need the extensive offerings of our Full Service SEO Plan (click for details)

How Much Does It Cost?

Once SEO Services Los Angeles achieves rankings for the targeted keywords, a 3 month agreement is required. You have the option of paying monthly or receive a discount for paying 3 months in advance. During this 3 month time period, SEO Services Los Angeles must maintain a top 5 Google ranking.


Domains Ranked Monthly Price 3 Month Advance Prepaid Price
1 Domain $799 $2,399
2 Domains $1,449 $2,849
3 Domains $1,849 $3,999

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