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Paid Search

paid-searchPaid search or Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are a critical piece of online marketing. PPC campaigns are the built on paying the search engines a preset dollar amount to display your ad within search engine results as seen below. Each time a person clicks on your paid ad, the search engine charges you the preset dollar amount.

We have a combined 15 years of PPC experience and are Google Adwords Certified Professionals. We manage our client’s Adwords campaigns from conception to ongoing maintenance. Due to our large volume of account management, we have a dedicated Google Adwords representative from which to learn the latest techniques and strategies. We believe in testing and testing more until we find the right mix of budget and ROI.


Our PPC Process

We will make you more money in PPC and are ready to prove it.

  1. Keyword Research and Planning
  2. Create keyword list
  3. Bid Matches on Keywords.
  4. Targeted ad text
  5. Targeted landing pages
  6. Select cost-saving settings
  7. Set geographic locations for ads.
  8. Test each element for right formula
  9. Find a positive ROI

Compare us to the competition. Agencies charge 13-18% commission on PPC campaigns they create for you. We don’t charge a commission for our SEO clients, saving our clients thousands in unnecessary fees each month.

Targeted Paid Search is Key

Geographic Targets

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising or paid search advertising is the perfect complement to organic search. Specifically, geographically targeted campaigns can drive significant leads and sales for your business in your particular area. This segmentation ensures you are only paying for highly qualified leads in your area searching for the service or product you offer.

We control the key elements in paid search so that your business is seen and you convert these leads. The top three paid search opportunities include Google, Bing & Yahoo. While Google dominates search with a large percentage of the market, depending on your market audience, Bing and Yahoo can reap rewards in the form of higher profits.


Key Elements of Success in PPC

    • Keyword Targets – Keywords targeted can make or break a campaign. Keyword selection requires competitive analysis & price comparison to find the profitable niche.
    • Quality Score – Often overlooked and those who do pay the consequences. Quality score directly impacts the amount you spend per click on your keywords. Ignore quality score and you are sure to overpay, making ROI illusive.
    • Ad Copy – Ad copy is a lifeline of every PPC Campaign. If Ad copy is ignored, your spend goes up and your revenues go down. Ad copy combines market positioning, vision and understanding of the competitive landscape.
    • Bidding Strategy – A strategic bidding strategy saves you money and gives you the best chance at a positive ROI.
    • Landing Pages – Landing page coversionand coherence with the originating Ad message is a basic necessity. A landing page that doesn’t match the offer in your Ad, you will not convert. There are elements (Title, Picture, Forms, Logos, etc) on a landing page that must be continuously adjusted and tested.With proven success in PPC, we can increase your revenue and customer base using geo-targeted PPC.

Adwords Disclosure Document – click here

Remarketing & Display Advertising

Remarketing is the single highest converting form of pay per click advertising. Unfortunately, remarketing only targets users that visit your website first. So, unless your website gains a high amount of traffic, there aren’t users to market to. Remarketing tags users with cookies once they visit your website and then serves these users your banner ads when they visit other websites. Remarketing conversion rate is higher because it’s the second or third time the user has seen your brand.

Display advertising is a form of Pay Per Impression or Pay Per Click advertising method that can generate significant brand awareness. If your campaigns are positioned correctly and targeted towards the people who fit your customer profile, you can capture sales. However, the Display network is where the large percentage of businesses waste their funds.

Display advertising can be dangerous waters for those inexperienced. Due diligence must be performed and negotiating rates with the proper display companies is a necessity. Don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on display advertising with no return. Let us run a test and get the most of display for your business.

Social Media PPC

In recent years, we have been utilizing Facebook, Twitter and You Tube pay per click campaigns more frequently and successfully. Virtually all your customers spend some amount of time on social media and there is a large audience. However, social media has one of the lowest conversion rates for selling a product or service. Social media PPC can work for certain campaigns. We will work with you to determine if this marketing channel is right for you and your business.


Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the process of paying per lead. This form of pay per click advertising is primarily for larger businesses selling a higher end product. Risky, but rewarding…maybe. Lead generation is one of the riskiest and highest rewarding endeavors online. There two elements that determine success in lead generation:

  • Quality of Lead – is the lead qualified and more specifically a valid lead for your service or product?
  • Lead Conversion – do you have a plan for converting this lead through marketing materials?
  • When considering a lead generation program cover your bases and heed these critical elements. We can do a free analysis of your business and determine if Lead Generation is a good use of your marketing dollars.
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