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Real reviews from real customers who have made money with our services over the years are what you’ll find on this page. There are a number of SEO companies in Los Angeles that add fake reviews to their pages to present an image that doesn’t exist.  If you see a testimonial from a first name with no website or business name, you may want to think twice about giving the review credibility. Our clients back us up, because they believe in our service. In 2010, I started this business to help small and medium sized business grow and make money and we’re accomplishing our mission year after year.

“ We paid another company to put up our Spa website and generated no revenue from search. Within 30 days of hiring SEO Services Los Angeles, we were ranked on Page 1 of Google and within 60 days of hiring SEO Services Los Angeles, we secured number 1 rankings on two of our biggest money-making terms. We consistently see positive returns on our SEO budget month over month. ”

—Keith Marcus
Aesthetic Edge, Redondo Beach, CA

“ Within the first six months of working with SEO Services Los Angeles our traffic has increased 60%, that’s six, zero percent. And not only are we getting more traffic, but we are getting better traffic. We are getting more relevant, more targeted traffic coming to our landing pages.

And this has helped our conversion rate increase by 50%, that’s five, zero percent. And when you couple the increased traffic with the increased conversion rates, it’s resulted in our sales almost doubling within the first six months of working with SEO Services Los Angeles.

Needless to say, we are thrilled with the results and our return on investment working with SEO Services Los Angeles has been tremendous. The other thing I’ll say while working with SEO Services Los Angeles is that they really take a personal commitment to the success of their clients. ”

—Jensen Lee
bidetsPlus, Los Angeles, CA

“ SEO Services LA did a masterful redesign of my website. They follow directions but more importantly… Sam’s input on site design and optimization is what really sets them apart. And the result? My site looks fantastic. So, whatever your focus: lead-gen, conversion, blogging, online video, etc. SEO Services can handle it. I highly recommend these guys to anybody hungry to make money online! ”

—Drew DeMasters
Landlord Marketing Secrets, Manhattan Beach, CA

rank-1-in-60-days-ncs“ I have been working in the telecommunications industry for over 15 years and have never seen this return on investment month over month from any form of advertising. Before hiring SEO Services Los Angeles, I was spending money on classifieds, the yellow book and mailers. I was lucky to get one call per month.

Within 45 days of hiring SEO Services Los Angeles, my website ranked in the top 5 of Google for our most profitable term. Within 60 days, we had a #1 ranking in Google Places. The last 3 months, I have averaged 30-40 calls per month with my websites getting at least 300 visits per month. My monthly return on investment is over 1000% and it continues to rise over time. There have been multiple times where new competitors have challenged my website for top ranking and SEO Services Los Angeles protects my websites every month. I am continuously impressed with SEO Services Los Angeles and am confident they can help others with their online business. ”

—Mark Young
Network Cabling Solutions, Nationwide, USA

tano-jewelry-growth“ SEO Services Los Angeles is one of the few SEO companies that can actually deliver on their service offering. Our rankings went from 100+ to top 5 in Google within 4-6 weeks. Our traffic has gone from 0 visitors per day to over 1000 visitors a day in a little over 4 years. We are currently realizing over 300% return on our SEO spend. ”

—Brittany Randolph
Tano Jewelry, Los Angeles, CA

rank-1-in-60-days-bhcs“ I had spent tons of money in online marketing efforts prior to starting a campaign with SEO Services Los Angeles. SEO Services Los Angeles exceeded expectations and we reached Page 1 within 60 days for a competitive keyword. The highest compliment I have paid SEO Services Los Angeles is referring their services to my close friends. ”

—Glenn Vallecillos, MD
Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon, Beverly Hills, CA

seoserviceslosangeles-rankings“ Every SEO company should have their own ranking success story. If they don’t, run in the opposite direction. We employ the same SEO strategies and linking techniques for our company website & clients. We have secured page 1 rankings for some of the most important keywords in the SEO industry. We have outranked every other SEO company in Los Angeles for some of the most competitive keyword phrases in our industry.

We rely solely on organic traffic for our business and receive an average of 1,500 high targeted visitors per month. These visitors, like you are looking for a reputable local company to fulfill their need. We are going to do the same for you in your industry. Would you take your car to an auto mechanic that can’t fix his own car? Why would you put your online business in the hands of a SEO company that can’t rank their own website? ”

—Sam Shefrin
SEO Services Los Angeles, Inc. Los Angeles, CA

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